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In this field we continue to deepen our efforts and always put quality and service in the first place!

We always maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, doing our best in the health industry to provide high-quality and cost-effective raw materials for more customers.

Tony Wang

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We are the Chinese subsidiary of JHD-Corp, which was established in the United States in 2016, located in West Los Angeles. It is a high-tech company under the umbrella of the Shaanxi Hongda Group that possesses an integrated group-managed supply chain encompassing production, research and development, quality inspection, sales, logistics, and warehousing. The company specializes in a variety of products including natural plant extracts, standardized Chinese herbal medicines, chemical raw materials, and food additives.

Some Questions

How to buy a product?

You can click on the Contact Us page and send an email to us with the name of the product you need. Our sales staff will reply to you very promptly and provide you with relevant prices and shipping methods.

How do I know if a product is in stock?

After establishing contact with our sales staff, you can directly send the product name to them and specify that you want to inquire about the stock availability. They will respond to you promptly.

The quantity I want is relatively large. Is there any discount on the price?

Yes, our prices are not fixed and can vary depending on the size of your order.

Can it be delivered within a week?

The delivery time depends on your location. We have warehouses in the United States and Europe. If the product you need is available in the local warehouse, we can guarantee delivery within a week.

How can we trust the quality of your products?

Our products undergo strict testing at the factory, and we conduct a second inspection before shipment to ensure that the quality meets your standards.